Stand For Vets



Nonprofit serving Veterans + Veteran Families

Stand For Vets


The Project

A full Brand Development including Brand Foundations, all Brand Collateral, Marketing Strategy, Campaign Management, and Product Design for a nonprofit assisting military personnel in their transition from military to civilian life.



Brand development / messaging / Merchandise designs / website design / brand management / brand collateral / brand strategy / photography / graphic animation / media kit / pr kit


The Brand

A clear visual brand which relates to the core audience of the US veteran community while also creating a welcoming and clear messaging for potential volunteers, donors, and veterans seeking assistance. All branded products, visuals, and brand copy center on the stories of bravery and iconography of the different branches of the military. There’s not a single visual within this brand that doesn’t have a story behind it.


The Strategy

Spreading Brand Awareness through product merchandise in key events for target, and a PR strategy to garner credibility and connect with key investors.

Stand For Vets_Desktop Mockup 02 1500px.png

The Result

From Founder and President John Hodel, “We wouldn’t be anywhere close to looking as professional as we do without them.” See his full statement here.

The Client’s Feedback

They’re problem solvers. The scope is comprehensive, and we probably wouldn’t exist without them.

The team has ensured that the website has a professional look and effective infrastructure. They’re a dedicated team who find solutions to any requirements, working to develop a site and brand that showcases the brand well, while operating in a highly organized manner.

They’re not afraid to push back, which I like, and I listen to them when they make a case to us. Michelle is a millennial, so she has useful insights into what people are looking for, and I put a lot of weight into what she says. Michelle is a good listener, and their ability to listen and then agree or disagree is important.

They’re not afraid to step out and do things that go outside of what we’re asking for. I had no idea how talented they are. Michelle thinks outside the box, connecting my ideas into how they can be messaged. Danielle designed an amazing set of graphics for custom shirts we’re putting together.

Upfront communication on the scope is important. They do a lot of things, so clients should think about what other services they need. There wasn’t much detail in many cases because we were just starting out, but they helped identify what we needed. We started working with Robyn & Robyn around May 2017 and continue to work with them today.
— Founder & President | Stand for Vets / Mark Hodel Veteran’s Foundation®