Laviva Flamenco

"Brilliant dancer steps into a brand worthy of her craft"




Laviva Flamenco


The Project

Full Brand Development for a renowned International flamenco dance instructor and performer.



Brand development / messaging / updated logo design / website design / website management / Signage / brand essentials / brand collateral / marketing material / film editing / brand strategy / brand management / social media strategy / Photography


The Brand

Our team created a full brand strategy from the core brand values to the management of a full marketing scheme which encompassed LaViva's classical training, skill, and talent in a visual architecture matching the brand's natural vibrancy and warmth.

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The Strategy

A full brand strategy focusing on competitor analysis, influencer marketing, and targeted advertising including event marketing and print ads resulting in:

Film and Photography collaborations with over 30,000 views from LaViva’s target demographic

Outranking local competitors for key search terms, leading to a 20% increase in traffic

Dramatic increase in local brand awareness


The Result

LaViva's brand presence gained a dramatic increase in traffic, with class sizes more than tripling within the first year and a doubling of private performance inquiries.

See what LaViva's Founder has to say here.

The Client’s Feedback

They treat my business like it’s their own.

Their digital work and marketing support has drastically improved the outreach capabilities of the business and streamlined lead generation. Robyn & Robyn is a dedicated team with a broad range of capabilities, and they can be trusted to deliver on time.

I’m so amazed and happy with what they are doing.

They always deliver before deadlines. I can contact them anytime and get a quick response. They work as if they are running their own business. I offer my dancing, but they do all the other things. It’s amazing. It’s more than a service.

They treat my business like it’s their own. I feel like I’m family to them. They are very special people. They’re young and beautiful inside and out. They’re very community-oriented, which is another reason why we click. I know I’ll continue with them forever.

Let them guide you. They know what they are doing. They have lots of experience. Listen to them. They know how to succeed.
— Founder | Laviva Flamenco