Lifeblood: Check Your Brand's Vitals

Branding is not just a logo, fancy buzzwords, or your newly minted website. Your brand is what sets you apart. Your brand is your identity infused into every aspect of your business. If your brand is done well, it becomes an honest, consistent message your audience can trust. Because your brand is WHO you are to your customer.

Take your logo, for example. The logo is just the tip of the iceberg in defining your brand. It’s the first step in creating a real brand identity - but it is not the brand itself. Before a logo is ever presented to a client, a good designer will take a deep dive into trying to understand what kind of brand they're designing for. One of us might ask:

“How does it set you apart in your industry?” “Will this be timeless or will it have to be updated in the future?” “How long of a lifespan does this design have?” “Does it truly reflect the product, services, and the individuals appropriately and well?” “Does it resonate?” “Will it construe the right subtle message to the targeted demographics?”

If such thought goes into the “tip of the iceberg” of branding - can you imagine the ongoing care and consideration we pour into the branding process as you grow and evolve your company's identity? Your identity continues to develop while simultaneously building an organic relationship with your target audience, and branding breathes life into that conversation. Branding is a conscientious effort to show the heartbeat of your business. So get your vitals checked regularly, and make sure your brand is as healthy as can be.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.
— Steve Forbes

Your brand should create trust, loyalty, and a sense of pride in both your customers AND your employees.


Branding can be viewed as an investment - not only of financial means but of your time. If you take the time to make sure you stay true to who you are- why wouldn't you make sure your customers and employees see that same consistency in your business as well?

This is not just a short-term journey. Your brand will continue to need attention as long as your business exists and has a relationship with a target audience. Every communication your company has with its audience needs to be apart of that brand. As your business grows, your brand needs to transform with it. Find a professional Brand Consultant who can work through this process and provide a continuous pulse to your brand - allowing your marketing team to appropriately focus on all ongoing day to day projects.

Branding is the lifeblood of your business, so make sure it's properly taken care of. Are you looking to invest in your brand?

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