Refresh Your Brand


One of the biggest questions we get asked in branding is “How often should I update my brand?” We love this question because we know if someone is asking it, they’re already in the right headspace to improve what they already have. We like to think of brands as the story we communicate to the outside world. It’s your first and last impression, the embodiment of your relationship to your audience. Because of this, we recommend updating it AT LEAST once a year. Even if you have a timeless, iconic brand, there’s always a way to reshape it to grow your audience.

Let’s take a look at one of the most iconic stories of all time, Romeo and Juliet. It’s a tale that’s undisputably timeless. But let’s remember: it’s also a story that has been refined, reinterpreted, and retold in almost every art form. What once began as a fun theatrical display of teenage romance for a young, rambunctious audience slowly transformed into the epitome of theatre for the upper-crust. Time moved forward, and again the story was repurposed for a modern era of buttered popcorn and sweet lobby snacks.

It was then that the film version accompanied its older text version into the classrooms of every teenager in the education system. New forms of this old story found their way into musical theater with West Side Story, creating a whole new wealth of iconic material which hadn’t existed before.


Again in the 1990s Romeo and Juliet made a full circle back into the height of cool for a teen crowd mooning over the golden locks of a young Dicaprio. Yes, the tale is timeless, but only because time and time again, it found a new form to reach a new audience.


This is why refreshing your brand holds so much power. The story remains the same, but all the new bells and whistles gain further attention. For you, that means the growth in opportunities for your business. Brands are living stories. The best ones are refreshed and refined as often as possible. When Shakespeare first wrote Romeo and Juliet, he was telling it to a 16th-century audience. The audience has changed, again and again.

Time, life--humans change. The brand should change with it. We’re entering a new year. Your brand is due for a refresher. The dawn of each new year inspires your clients to fill out their New Year’s resolutions, reach new goals, and move forward with life. Is your brand still relevant to your client’s journey? Let’s take a look...