Territoires Imaginaires

About the Exhibition:

The exhibition Territoires Imaginaires (Imaginary Territories) presents the meeting of two worlds, those of Alexis Pichot, a light painter, and Isabelle Chapuis, whose talent for sublimating materials was rewarded by a Picto Prize for young fashion photography in 2010 and a Talent Grant in 2012.

Alexis Pichot’s photographs bring to life the silent spaces of the night. Experimenting with light, he reveals the spirit of the places around him, metamorphosing industrial wastelands and natural landscapes alike through poetic, contemplative stagings.

The Blossom series is the outcome of his collaboration with Isabelle Chapuis. While both artists make use of ephemeral interventions to reveal the essence of a place, Isabelle contributes her taste for chrysalis-like materials, organic vibrations and pigment.

‘Blossom’ is the name of a colourful cloud that inhabits various emotionally charged spaces chosen by the artists in the course of their many travels. By capturing the moving swirls of coloured smoke, Isabelle & Alexis explore new space-time territories.

These two worlds invite the viewer on a silent crossing filled with mystery and reverie. Combining photography and performance, they challenge our imagination and senses to apprehend a changing environment.