Circuit Marker: Makes Drawings That Conduct Electricity

The key idea is when the ink attaches to the circuit of line drawings of houses, the bulbs light up.

About the Project:

Created by Japanese startup AgIC.

Circuit Marker lets you draw electric circuits on Circuit Paper. Draw your own circuit on paper, and turn LEDs or motors on. 

The marker has silver-based conductive ink that dries and becomes conductive immediately on Circuit Paper. Please be noted that AgIC guarantees its performance only on AgIC Circuit Paper.
Make things without losing your excitement. You just need to write a line for one stroke and the line is thick enough to place those components. Since you make circuits on paper, you also can cut and fold as long as it does not break the circuits. See more ideas at AgIC's website, and materialize your creativity. It will bring you a new experience of making electric circuits and accelerate your circuit prototyping.

You can purchase the Circuit Marker here.

You can view the original commercial for the Circuit Marker created by Kandenko below.

Source: AgIc, Sputnik, Insider