CONCRETO: Inspired by walls found in Liguria

About the Project:

Inspired by the walls found in Liguria, which have pieces of glass frozen in cement, designer Daniele Ragazzo was inspired to create the Concreto Console.

The idea came from looking at the dividing walls that are frequently found in the hinterland of Liguria, which are finished off with fragments of glass in cement. Looking at them I remembered the poem by Montale “Meriggiare pallido e assorto”, in which these become the metaphor of life, by him defined as “a wall topped with sharp bits of glass from broken bottles”, because beyond marking a precise limit, they recall all the difficulties and asperity of existence.

The realisation, by means of overturning the materials, highlights a conceptual overturning: sometimes what is frail by nature can sustain what is much more solid.

The research of particular coloured glass that is out of production and which creates a delicate chromatic play, apart from rediscovering materials that are disappearing, highlights an intentional choice – the choice of creating an object that is not easy to reproduce, granting it with a value of uniqueness.