Ikea Concept Kitchen 2025

About the Project:


The dining table has always been the heart of the kitchen, a place for preparing food, and eating it. 

But as the world changes, so will our needs. That means that the table of the future will be designed to do so much more: it’s our preparation surface, hob, dining table, work bench and children’s play area. 

Technology will play its part too, helping to make us more confident cooks, while letting less food go to waste. 


Near-instantaneous food delivery from autonomous vehicles and drones means the end of the weekly shop, so we’ll store less, but it’ll be higher quality.  

While existing fridges waste energy and hide our food, this modern pantry makes food visible, keeping us mindful and inspired by the food we’ve got around us – so we’ll waste less of it.  

It’s ‘Casual technology’ - unobtrusive, embedded, yet aware, helping us to save energy and food waste.  


As we become more conscious of the environmental impact of household waste, we’ll recycle and reuse far more. Cities will encourage that too, charging residents for non-recyclable rubbish by the kilogram. 

This waste and composting system helps us live more sustainably by making us more aware of what we’re throwing away, and helping our municipalities dispose of that waste more efficiently. 


Water’s set to become more precious in the next ten years, so we'll need to use it more responsibly. A ‘Mindful design’ solution makes us conscious of our everyday decisions, and helps us make better-informed choices about how we use water.