3-D scans of Dancers’ Bodies are Innovating Ballet Couture

About the Project:

Global apparel business expert Alvanonhas announced the completion of a two-year extraordinary consultancy and fit project for the world renowned costume atelier of the Paris Opera House, one of the most important cultural institutions in France.  During the project Alvanon scanned the body shapes of more than 100 adult and child dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet and school. The anonymous 3D body scans were used by Alvanon’s team of sculptors to model and produce small, medium and large morphologically representative technical fit mannequins (forms) of male and female dancers.  A total of 30 Alvanon forms and pattern block solutions were delivered to the Paris Opera House in time for its designers, pattern makers and sewers to create or adjust the costumes for its 2015 festive performances.

Source: Alvanon, The New York Times