You Can Now Drive the Batmobile

Built by Caresto for Team Galag, this one of a kind car inspired by the Arkham Knight game has come to life and will be a part of the Gumball 3000 2016 rally.

The car was redesigned for functionality and drivability. With a complicated carbon fiber body, it's mould and shaping was aimed to be as close as possible to the design drawings. 

In a statement from Caresto: Inside the car the driver and the passenger can enjoy the interior in a combination of black soft leather and "see trough" fabric, all kept together by golden stitches. The interior lights up in seats, floor and pedals when the cockpit opens up fully electrical operated. All comfort functions such as climate system, power steering, fantastic sound system, etc helps to make this car a comfortable driver, even that the look is hard as steel.