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Vitalina Planida

Brand Writer

As a creative, Vitalina is inspired by people: the passions that drive us, the emotions that express us, and the experiences that shape us. Her approach to copywriting and branding projects involves blending creativity, research and strategy. The end results are engaging, thought-provoking and effective copy that meet strategic marketing and communications goals. Thanks in part to a background in fashion design, she brings an empathetic and emotional element to every project, creating content that resonates with audiences and clients. 

She has experience working for startups and various marketing agencies, leading and executing marketing campaigns that involved influencer marketing, video production, paid social media advertising, and content marketing. Past successes include growing a client's product sales from 1 unit/day to over 500/month. At Robyn & Robyn, Vitalina is involved in branding, copywriting and marketing projects.