Peter Emery

Our Consultant Team

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Peter Emery

Director of Photography, Editor

Co-Founder and Head of Production at Silkymitts Productions, Peter is an expert, commercially certified drone pilot with a keen eye for cinematography and visual storytelling. His background as a freelance cinematographer has brought forth values of preparation, communication, and attention to detail - traits he feels are the pillars for immersive storytelling. Peter’s smooth, progressive style and vibrant shots make him stand out. He is also a skilled editor, allowing him to control visual and auditory elements from production through finished product.

Silkymitts Productions

One look at Silkymitts Productions' body of work, and you'll know what they're all about. Recently awarded the 2019 Telly Award for Branded & Promotional content (Silver), they have a keen eye for luxurious lifestyle campaigns, and their marketing videos speak for themselves. Their hyper-stylized editorials often feature surreal visuals that hypnotize the audience. They are fantastic storytellers and have a unique ability to bring any concept to life on screen. We are positive they could finesse any project our clients bring them into a work of art. Formed in 2017, Silkymitts Productions has worked with Fortune 500 clients including CIMC Intermodal, Coldwell Banker, NBC Universal, Netflix, as well as Robyn & Robyn.