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Nate Mclean

Film Editor, Director

There's something to be said about the combination of skill and physical dedication it takes to succeed in film production. These words ring true for Top Down Film's co-founder and creative mastermind, Nate Mclean. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Nate moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in stunt choreography. It didn't take him long to realize he enjoyed working behind the camera. His passion for extreme sports and athletic background makes him particularly adept at complicated camera movements and framing. With an exceptional eye and his handiwork with camera equipment, he soon found success shooting everything from music videos to travel ads. Not only can he work behind the camera but he's also built up a formidable skillset in post-production, creating eye-catching motion graphics and smooth video edits. Nate and his business partner, the engineering mastermind Scott Gill, combined their skillsets in the formation of their film production company, Top Down Films.

TopDown Films

TopDown Films' reel boasts masterful motion-graphics and eye-catching camera movements which add a dynamic edge to all their body of work. Truly they are up for any media challenge and are creatively passionate in what they do, specializing in energetic and skillful editorial film content and strategic podcasting campaigns. TopDown Films are particularly excellent at long-term media series positioned within a larger SEO strategy aimed to win. With the gear, mindset, and reputable industry experience to match, we're confident in the ability of TopDownFilms to make films and podcasts our clients love.

TopDown Films works closely with companies that include L'Oreal, LA Weekly, Hulu, NBC, Universal Studios, and Robyn & Robyn.