Holcomb Petersen

“Refined Design for the Most Sophisticated Pair in Los Angeles Real Estate”

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High-end Beverly Hills Real Estate

Holcomb Petersen


The Project

A Full Brand Development for one of the most discreet real estate duos in LA’s luxury market.



Brand development / messaging / website design / website collaboration / website management / brand management / brand collateral / brand strategy / pr collaboration


The Brand

We devised a visual brand which matched the understated sophistication of Holcomb Peterson’s business practices. “Elegant, sleek, and simple,” was the name of the game. We incorporated bold lines and a minimalistic feel to their logo, which was then carried into the whole of their brand. Our visual brand strategy relied on strength in subtlety, giving gorgeous images from their portfolio room to stand on their own.


The Result

Greg Holcomb reports, “Robyn & Robyn was invaluable to me in the re-inventing and re-design of our brand and online presence..”

The Client’s Feedback

“Robyn & Robyn was invaluable to me in the re-inventing and re-design of our brand and online presence. They demonstrated very strong skills and an ability to look beyond the obvious to find new ideas and visuals to communicate to our client base.

They were kind, smart and very savvy in their ability to creatively connect the dots between team members, vendors and clients. I was consistently impressed with the many strengths they brought to the table in our meetings.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Robyn & Robyn has my strongest and highest recommendation.
— High-end Beverly Hills Real Estate | Greg Holcomb